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Achtung | Studio22 goes large!

January saw our largest single large format order to date. The printing was for international client Style Limited, a manufacturer of stand woven bamboo flooring. Photographed locally, all images were compiled with text and graphics before being handed to Studio22 for printing and laminating. The prints are for a flooring expo held in Germany in late January.


Upstairs in our workshop we have large work surfaces for finishing. The upstairs area also houses our three industrial hot and cold laminating machines.

Why print in South Africa?
Sure, our indoor print quality is higher than the typical sign company print but our total price for printing and laminating as well as the fees to courier this package to Germany was a vast many Euro’s less than having it printed in Europe.

The cost of the ink alone for this assignment was approximately R4000! Most prints were approx 1x2m each. The over 50 square meters of printing was all cold laminated in our popular wheat texture (used on the covers of most of our Storybook albums and coffee table books). Studio22 also ensured all prints were securely packaged for the courier.

Many people are not aware of the large work areas we have in our workshops at Studio22. Printing, laminating, trimming and handle so many large prints requires large machines and large spaces for finishing.

The ‘boss’ doing the finishing on this large project, assisted by Godfrey. The top floor in our workshop is also used for our bookbinding. The ground floor is our largest work area used mostly for picture framing, mounting and wrapping.

If you have any questions about large format printing, laminating or any of the Studio22 services, please e-mail, or call our lab at +27 21 5922922.