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    "Best quality photo prints I've seen in YEARS! Beautiful matte photo paper, absolutely stunning colours. Took a chance and ordered online, no adjustments to my images, no idea what to expect… What a surprise and absolute pleasure to receive my small, well packaged order, so promptly. Best price, professional quality, super helpful when I called for help with payment too. I can wholeheartedly recommend Studio 22 … 122%."


    "Love this place, perfect for printing as it offers extremely professional services"


    "Simply the best printing shop. I print all my photos with them. I cannot recommend them enough."


    "The team at Studio22 always go above and beyond my expectations with delivery and service. Their products are top class and they are just a dream to work with. You will not regret working with this incredibly efficient and customer driven company. Thank you Estelle, Kurt and Team for your endless support."

  • oak float frame solid oak float frame Printing services by Studio22. Wide range of photo products and photo print products, including Canvas, Framing and Fine Art Printing. Offering fulfilment and print-on-demand across South Africa for artists and Photographers.
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Photokina 2012 : Studio22 visit.

My first impression of Photokina 2012 was a gigantic floor display directly outside the main train station in Cologne. The Lomography guys had printed thousands of photographs to create this attraction. It certainly entertained the many travelers and visitors who were walking past and taking photographs (myself included). A similar display was also on a large section of the floor in the exhibition centre (see this in our Youtube clip). It is the largest photographic expo of its sort. Held every two years in Cologne Germany, you will find a wide variety to photographic related goods on display. Although slightly smaller than previous years, all the big names were there, as well as many new brands. Watch our YouTube clip: As Studio22, we find it…

KZN representative joins Studio22

Studio22 is pleased to announce the addition of a KZN representative, Jarryd Sunkel. Jarryd recently spent a couple of weeks at Studio22 to gain knowledge of our product range and operations. Armed with a collection of our most popular products, we now have a connection point for photographers and businesses to view some of our products. During his visit, Jarryd was able to shoot the following short Youtube presentation for the Linkstar MT160 flash unit. Thank you Jarryd.

Achtung | Studio22 goes large!

January saw our largest single large format order to date. The printing was for international client Style Limited, a manufacturer of stand woven bamboo flooring. Photographed locally, all images were compiled with text and graphics before being handed to Studio22 for printing and laminating. The prints are for a flooring expo held in Germany in late January. Upstairs in our workshop we have large work surfaces for finishing. The upstairs area also houses our three industrial hot and cold laminating machines. Why print in South Africa? Sure, our indoor print quality is higher than the typical sign company print but our total price for printing and laminating as well as the fees to courier this package to Germany was a vast many Euro’s less than having it printed…

Our largest Canvas Stretcher to date.

June 2009: We recently manufactured the longest canvas stretcher we are aware has ever been made. The stretcher pictured below is one continuous 5m long print stretched over a custom constructed Meranti frame. The client had to arrange special transport for this exceptionally long framework. This is wider than 8 posters side-by-side. As the lengths of moulding used to construct the frame are not supplied as long as 5m, our crew in the workshop developed a technique to produce this long and strong design. Below is a back view of the stretcher showing the additional support struts. Well done to the team at Colin Sunkel Framing, an achievement to be proud of! For more information, please contact Leandre @ Colin Sunkel Framing.

Extreme Storybook test

Our genuine photographic Storybook albums incorporate a unique binding system, this technique not only allows each firm page to open perfectly flat, it also allows us to make changes to the album. We were also able to replace pages where a client wanted alternative images to be displayed. We were able to make corrections to spelling errors, make design changes and even add pages. Now we’ve taken it to the next level, we have proven the extreme level at which it can handle stress. On hearing a rumor about one of our competitors books, we felt it was an ideal time to have some fun and show off the strength of our albums. In an attempt to show the durability of our binding, Colin Sunkel (the senior…

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