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Create your accordion booklet in Photoshop. The PresentAccordion by Studio22

Our PresentAccordion is not only available through our design department, anyone who is able to design it in Photoshop can submit it. You will need Photoshop on a Mac or PC in order to create these products.
*Now included in our Free Studio22 Album Maker Software, download it from

To get started, you will need to download our templates from our website.

Here you will also find the prices and options available: 

There are two templates, one for the front and back cover and another for the content on the folding pages. First I will show the covers. This is how the blank template will look in Photoshop. Be sure to activate your guidelines, these are the blues lines seen in this screen capture below.
You simply need to copy your images and paste them into the template (you will need to open all the images on your screen). I recommend you decide in advance the shape of your final images and crop them before you paste them into the templates. In the case of the covers above, your image must bleed over the crop lines (the blue guide lines) as the image must wrap over the cover. In the example below, I choose a solid colour to match some of the clothing in the images.
sc02When submitting your files, please be sure to advise us which side you have chosen as your cover, it may not always be obvious. I placed the date on the cover of my example. Below is a view of the complete file that needs to be submitted as a Jpeg.cover

Once the covers are complete, it is time to move on to the content pages. Although the pages are all square, you can add portrait and landscape images as long as you are aware they may have a fold crossing the image. Folds are indicated by the blue guidelines in Photoshop. These will not appear on the final Jpeg or print.

A small allowance is made for bleed (not as much is needed as in the cover). Drag your image across the page until it is within the squares on the template. You can see the two blocks on the bottom row, on the right, consist of one image shared over the two blocks.

Below is a view of the flattened Jpeg as it needs to be submitted. The top row of 6 images will be visible when the book is opened like a normal book. The four blocks on the bottom row will be viewed when the booklet is opened from the other side.

Here are two views of the complete product.
view0525 view0526
Completed files can be submitted via e-mail or uploaded via our FTP site. If you have any questions about this or any of our products, please e-mail and we will get back to you.

Kurt Sunkel