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Free Studio22 Album Maker Software – Tell your story!

Sneak Preview:             (October 2009 – Software is now available for download)
We are pleased to announce that Studio22 is in the process of building Album Maker software to be distributed free of charge to all photobook clients.  Studio22 Album Maker will be available for download from our websites or on a CD for collection from Studio22. Current testing shows that the basic program can be as small as 30mb to download. Additional backdrops and effects can then be downloaded at a future stage to build the options. We expect to offer a feature packed version as well, this will be a much larger download. Over the next few weeks, I will be working with my design team to create the foundation of backdrops, masks, effects and clip art that we intend launching with the software.  We will also be creating sample albums.

Sample Albums:
Sample albums are albums previously created on Album Maker that can be used as templates for future albums. The page layout, backdrops, effect, masks and frames of the album are stored as a sample and used when creating the next album. The more albums designed, the more sample albums there are to be used for future albums. The work you put in on the first album does not end there, you are able to use it again, great news if you ask me.

Below are a few screen captures I was able to make as I worked through the testing stages. We are delighted at the simple steps it takes to create the skeleton of the book – it is then up to you to control the layout.

The software consists of two separate modules:
A. To build the foundation of your album
B. To do the layout of the pages themselves.

The first part requires four basic steps to build the design foundation of your book:
1. Select your album type
2. Select your images to be used
3. Select your design and page layout options
4. Select your background

Screen 1.1st-page

Screen 1. Start by naming your album! When selecting your album, you will notice detail about each book, this is also where the new books will be added in future updates. The basic price and description will be listed here. An additional link to the website with prices is also listed below.

Screen 2.2nd-page

Screen 2. Selecting your images, it is a good idea to select all your images in advance and work only from that folder, keep it simple to you can focus on your design skills. Then you need only click select all and copy the files over. Large files will slow this system down. Here you have other features, to zoom in if need be.

Screen 3.3rd-page

Screen 3.  Selecting your design. All the page designs we will be including will be for professional SLR format. This option will also make allowance for special crops many photographers may do before the time. This is also where you help yourself in future. Each album you create can be saved as a sample album. The next time you start an album, you can choose to use this sample album as your template for the next album and even auto fill. You would then select backdrop and proceed with doing your layout.

Screen 4.4th-page

Screen 4. This displays a typical page layout.

Screen 5.5th-page1

Screen 5. If you select our Espresso Coffee Table Book, your cover page design may look something like screen 5.

Screen 6.6th-page

Screen 6. Studio22 Album Maker has a build in colour correction feature for doing your post production on the fly. Although we recommend doing your colour correction first and allowing yourself uninterrupted time for layout, it can be done as you go.

Screen 7.7th-page

Screen 7. This screen capture shows alternative backdrop option on the right, backdrops can be changed at any stage and can apply to one page at a time to all pages in a group.

If you are interested in receiving this free software, please e-mail me and we will add you to our mailing list. Please be aware that these screen captures may differ from the final version released. Please visit and click on ‘Products’ from our menu for price lists and more information on our range of photobooks.

Kurt Sunkel