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Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme – Digital Photographic Paper

This very popular paper with its archival characteristics in conjunction with the Fuji range of chemicals is used for all our photographic printing for images up to 12×18 inches (300x450mm).  For larger images, * see below.

This is the very same paper we use to print all our Storybook albums and Photo-books -for assurance of the highest quality print and archival qualities.

Fuji Crystal Archive paper combined with the Fuji Frontier printer produce remarkable results with extreme consistency. Images that have been corrected or processed in photoshop or other conversion software will match identically time after time.

On-board post-production – Frontier printer:
The frontier offers image correction software that produces remarkable results. With the right operator, many additional features can be incorporated for fast processing with great correction.

The two alternatives:
The Frontier allows two image adjustment options, Manual and Auto. In both cases the images are presented on the screen for the operator to work on. The Auto feature adds sharpness, contrast, it does a density correction and a colour correction. The image then remains on the screen for the operator to make further adjustments as they feel are required. The level of auto features can not be controled, it is on or off. Manual correction entails the opperator being able to view the images and make small corrections. No Sharpening or contract option is availble, the operator can only control Red, Green and Blue (where Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the opposites). Density correction is also possible.

We recommend the manual option to clients who are starting to do their own post production on their own PC.  This is especially important to people who are working on screens that have not been professionally calibrated or thoroughly tested. Along with colour correction, they are adding sharpness and contract, this leaves it up to our operator to only fine-tune the colour and a slight density change where needed. This way the photographer can slowly have more and more control over the final product.

ICC profiles:
The ICC profile for printing on our Crystal Archive paper is available for downloading off our website using the following link, We also have more info regarding workflow and digital printing at Studio22.


From the Fujicolor website:

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

The base support and silver halide crystal control technology work together to produce improved whiteness, highlight and shadow depth qualities, making this an all purpose colour print paper for the photofinisher. So in effect, all your customers can have prints which both look better and last longer: creating a sales proposition that no professional photographer can afford to ignore.

Product benefits:

  • Unrivalled image permanence.
  • Brilliant colour reproduction with accurate colour rendition and smooth tones.
  • Brilliant highlights and outstanding whites.
  • Enhanced sharpness with excellent definition.
  • Processing stability.


* Larger images are printed on our Epson Large format printer using Epson Photo paper (other alternatives are available) and Epson Ultra Chrome Inks for a combination that produces a lifetime of colour (and black & white) stability. We also produce a selection of complimentary products. Canvas stretchers, Urban canvas, Metro Blocks and more.