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Home / Coffee Table Books / How to use our cover templates:

How to use our cover templates:

We supply Photoshop templates for all the covers we produce. Storybook Albums, Studio Album, Coffee Table Books and our personalised presentation boxes.

Due to the growing popularity of photographers choosing to do thier own layout and design, we have created this guide to assist in indicating the ideal formatting required. The template below is from our Medium Display Storybook Album. The same rules will however apply to all our templates with crop marks.

For more info on our covers, be sure to read, “The importance of bleed with crop marks”.

A typical template:
You will notice the crop marks in each corner. If you project a line across the page, you will see where that part of the image will wrap over the cover (or lid).

Template with image:
This page shows the sample image floating in the space provided. Text or multiple images can be added in the space provided.

Cropped Template:
This image has been cropped to show the part of the image that will be displayed on the front of the cover once it has been wrapped. All parts of the image that overlapped the crop marks will be “cut off”.

medium-cropped3Screen Captures: An alternative view

sc01SC01: This screen capture illustrates the guidelines shown on the Photoshop files. You will notice the sample shows an even amount of the image is allowed to overlap the blue guidelines. Ignore the additional amount of white, this is the material required to paste the image on the back end of the cover. The full page can be used but on the parts inside the crop marks (or blue guidelines when viewed in Photoshop) will be visible on the cover.

sc021SC02: It is important to ensure part of your image overlaps the crop marks. The blue guidelines displayed above show where the image will fold over the edge of the cover. We recommend at least a 10mm bleed space be allowed. This means an extra 10mm of the image must be on the opposite side of the crop marks.  If less bleed is allowed, it may leave odd looking lines on the edges of the cover.

If you would like some feedback, you are welcome to submit small Jpeg files of your artwork for our art department to preview before sending your final files for printing. We can respond via e-mail to confirm or suggest changes.

We look forward to seeing your cover layouts at Studio22.