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Important Album Maker tip for photographers and designers

If you plan on creating albums for clients, you will need to send them a proof before you send the order to print. This service is available in Studio22 Album Maker software in the following procedure.

The first step is to find the small preview files that were created from your design. Using Windows Explorer, search your C: drive for the folder called “MPR500_Submitted_Orders”. You will need to check for a folder with the same numbers as your job number. In this folder you will find a folder called, “PreviewPictures”. These preview pictures are the ideal size to send to your client for approval or create an index proof. See screen capture below.

screencappreviewpicturesBelow are two files as you would find in this folder:

page_1You can even use them on your blog to promote your Coffee Table Books or Storybook albums and design.
These files re not large enough to print a high-resolution book but they are more than ample to send to clients or create an index sheet for approval.

If you select our professional Photoshop colour correction option, a proof will be made available on request – at no additional cost. This proof can be mailed or couriered to you if you are not able to view it at Studio22.
Courier or mailing fees will apply.
Please note: You will need to request this service. We advise it if you are not using a calibrated screen or if you are submitting your first order and do not feel confident about your screen calibration.

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