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Instagram and other photography Apps.


I do not know anyone with a smartphone who is not using Instagram, Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Pixlromatic and at least one other awesome photography App to share what they see. Sure, I am in the image industry so I will be surrounded my images and people who love them as much as I do but I can see it is reaching far further. These Apps make it so fast and easy to post a really cool image with an ‘arty’ twist, it just makes you want to use your phone to share images when words will take too long (Sure, I capture it on my DSLR too but later I am just not that inspired and may not share).

The concept of sharing “what you see, when you see it” is simply what we demand today, I do however still think about my images after they fade from the ‘timeline’. Why should our images have such a short life? How can we give them a longer life? Does everything in todays times have to be so disposable?

I was looking at my collection of Instagram images and felt they were so trapped in my phone. Sure, I get to share them on Instagram and Facebook but once they are in my timeline, they slowly fall lower and lower while I still want to enjoy them.


I want to make my Instagram images REAL. So many of my holiday images I posted via Instagram are very special to me. This got me thinking, I have so many options open to me. Naturally, my first thought was genuine FujiFilm photographic prints, we can print square images and in so many sizes. Then I realised that our Studio22 PresentAccordion was an ideal product as it is a compilation of 10 square images. You also have an option of printed covers or plain back covers (our new PresentAccordion Black is available with black leatherette covers – the same as our Cappuccino cover).

My focus then shifted to a classic, stretched canvas. Canvas has been popular for a few years and I believe Instagram effects are just what it needs keep it alive. An intriguing characteristic of canvas is the way the texture of the material becomes part of the image and the way it is interpreted, canvas just adds an element of artistic look to any image, imagine the combination with Instagram images. Further, the rough surface has a remarkable way of integrating itself into the image, I find this ever present with grainy or ‘noisy’ images and find they can often be enlarged far more then a standard print on a regular surface.

But wait, that’s not all, (I could not resist) you will also find two wall calender products on our Studio22 Album Maker software, each of these two sizes, A4 and A3, are available in three styles. The best news is that the space for images is a wonderful square area, ideal for those square images we love so much.img_0174

You can be sure you will be seeing many Instagram inspired products at Studio22 when you visit again. If you are not able to pop in, view our Instagram page, I will be sure to post more information about our Instagram inspired products on this page.

I will be working on a new idea, “InstaFrame”, I like it so much, it will be on my walls at home first. Watch this space…

Kurt Sunkel