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Lamination and Encapsulation at Studio22

Lamination and Encapsulation at Studio22

At Studio22 we use lamination to protect our printed products from damage, dirt, moisture and to retain the integrity and colour fastness. Studio22 offers a selection of lamination options on site. Hot encapsulation and cold or hot lamination.

Lamination and Encapsulation

Large Format Cold/Hot Laminator

The difference:

Encapsulation is the popular method most people are familiar with in the home or office. Encapsulation entails two layers of lamination film on either side of the product. The product is placed between the two sheets (or rolls of material) and fed through hot rollers to seal them and bond with the product. It is usually delivered with a sealed edge around the product where the back and front sides of the lamination material bonds.
Lamination is rolled onto one side of the product and usually has a backing paper which needs to be removed before the product can be used in the next stage.


Over and above the many small products we produce internally, we are able to laminate prints up to a width of 1m and to lengths in excess of 5m.

Popular products to laminate:

Maps, bookmarks, collages, photographs, important documents, menus, calendars, price lists, posters, signs and Point of Sale signage.

Lamination and Studio22 products?

From the vast range of products manufactured at Studio22, many are offered with a protective film to ensure they look better and last that much longer. The cover of every personalised photo book or album pass through our laminating section. You would also see our Metro Blocks, PresentaBox, DVD Cases, StudioAlbums, Presentation Boxes, PresentAccordions and every page of our Premium XW storybook album pass through this section.

Production hot laminator

Production hot laminator


Depending on the product, various surfaces/textures are available. The most popular of which are Matt, Gloss and Wheat.

Due to the nature of the work, our various machines work in the manufacturing area where large spaces are required for preparation, storing and trimming.

Contact us if you have any questions or requests.