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New Studio22 Coffee Table Book Production printer arrives.

In 2006 we introduced our first Coffee Table Book. On this, the 3rd anniversary of our first Coffee Table Book, Studio22 is proud to announce the installation of our new Coffee Table Book production printer. Although we expected this to be a popular product, we are overwhelmed by the response and growing demand. We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new production printer. Finding just the right printer was an interesting task, a balancing act. A machine that can produce high quality prints in short runs, yet cost effective enough to keep production costs affordable.

What can you expect to see:

  • Higher resolution – double that of our first printer
  • Wider tonal range with smoother gradation.
  • Improved contrast and solid blacks.
  • Softer, natural skin-tone reproduction.
  • Rich colours where required.
  • Consistent, accurate colour with ICC profiles.
  • Professional calibration by X-Rite.

A selection of A5, A4 and A3 sample books printed on our new production printer are now in store.

Below we have include a number of close-up images to show some of the differences. As a reference guide and for further consistency, we have photographed sections of the colour chart used within Studio22. Find more information about our test chart at the bottom of this page.

Studio22 Standard Colour Test chart

Studio22 Standard Colour Test chart

Studio22 Standard Colour Test chart

Compare old and new:
Extreme Close-up 1. – Old: The close-up view of the print from the older printer clearly shows the larger dots that make up the image.

new-face1Extreme Close-up 2. – New: In this close-up view, printed on the new production printer, the increased resolution is clearly  visible as the dots are far closer together.
NOTE: Do not look at the sharpness of the picture itself but the fine dots that make up the image. The smaller the dots, the higher the resolution.

In the same way the greater number of dots increases the resolution, it is adding to the range of tones or shades that can be reproduced in the same area.

Solid colours:
Old print above: The CM&Y colours do not appear pure as additional colours are visible.

new-cmyNew print above: The CM&Y colour  blocks appear clear and pure. This is vital to the printing process as all colour are combination of these three colour. Black (K) is added for a pure black.

Please note: The above example is a simple test for fast comparison only. Many outside factors regarding the camera, lens, profiles, screen settings, depth of field, exposure and lighting conditions need to be taken into account for a true scientific comparison.

Studio22 Colour Test Chart:
We provide a printed test chart and colour profile for any Studio22 client who would like to print at the lab. The ICC profile needs to be loaded and the test file opened in Photoshop. The client can then compare the Test Chart in-hand with the image on the screen.

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