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Package printing – Schools – South Africa

With a history in the school photography business, it is not surprising to see our vast range of products available for printing in school packages. Our price list includes a few package options, these however are only a guide to a some of the popular packages. Over the past few years we have adapted and created numerous new packages, many to suit the requirements of the photographers. We are able to create a package according to a set budget or built it from a list of items required in the package – we are able to accommodate most options with slight changes to image sizes or number or extras.

We believe that the portrait we are printing is first and foremost the most important aspect, we therefore introduce an element of design to compliment the photograph while ensuring the schools emblem is neat and professionally presented. Additional parts of the package are designed with matching elements of the border to ensure they form a complimentary set. We often also include regular borderless prints. As enlargements are seldom included in packages, we suggest adding this to the reorder list for parents who plan to enlarge and frame the images. Due to the flexibility of our options, we enjoy offering diverse combinations to the packages, photographers can choose to convert any image in the set to Black & White or Sepia (or even a Photoshop effect if required).

Our services for school packages does not end there. Our facilities allow us to include packing and sorting of individual packages and group photographs – includes all materials and packaging (reorder forms may be provided to insert in the package before closing). This turnkey service means a photographer need only hand over the files, when the work is ready the photographer collects, invoices and delivers to his or her school.

Please note that all designs on this site are copyright protected to Studio22 and Colin Sunkel Photography cc. Reproduction or attempting to copy these products is illegal. We respect photographers rights and request the same respect be shown to our products.

Group photographs are placed in borders to include the school name, emblem, year and description of the image. This stylish presentation has become a signature “look” for Studio22. All images and designs are processed in Post production, this means the files are saved in the complete form allowing all reorders to match the original identically.
img_7118Our very popular 3D Desk Calendar is versatile enough to add any school emblem and theme.

img_7119The easy to follow instructions include a small photograph to show the end user how to fold the 3D calendar. No space is wasted as the two small parts that must be cut off are ideal for two key-ring size photographs. Some photographers include key rings in their packages. These small photographs could also be printed in Black & white or Sepia if requested.

img_7120The above view shows the placement of the small photographs in relation to the folds.

img_7121This is an example of our ‘Desk Calendar package’. Each section of the set is printed on a 6×8 inch sheet (approx. 150 x 200mm). The ‘Combi-print’, top left, can display any number of images or combination of images the photographer may request. Images could also be ‘exchanged’ for student cards.

img_7122Of the many products we produce, our calendar bookmarks are possibly the greatest value for money. The example above shows a 2006 version we introduced, the ‘funky bookmark’. We felt that the learners may want to have a less formal bookmark than one with the schools emblem. Most packages would have a combination of formal and funky bookmarks.

img_7123The majority of our bookmarks are produced with calendars. This need not always be the case, the photographer can choose to include poems, quotes, collages or some of the photographers own art images for advertising. A graduation photograph without a formal presentation border can have a bookmark added to the package to include the school emblem if need be.

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