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Photokina 2012 : Studio22 visit.

My first impression of Photokina 2012 was a gigantic floor display directly outside the main train station in Cologne. The Lomography guys had printed thousands of photographs to create this attraction. It certainly entertained the many travelers and visitors who were walking past and taking photographs (myself included). A similar display was also on a large section of the floor in the exhibition centre (see this in our Youtube clip).


It is the largest photographic expo of its sort. Held every two years in Cologne Germany, you will find a wide variety to photographic related goods on display. Although slightly smaller than previous years, all the big names were there, as well as many new brands.
Watch our YouTube clip:

As Studio22, we find it vital to visit Photokina in order to not only see all the newest gear but also to get a ‘feel’ for the industry and the future of photography. Meeting the european teams and global ‘players’ ensure the channels of communication remain fluid. Nothing beats meeting and talking to the people behind the creation of the products you are using and selling. Seeing how enthusiastic, motivated and positive all the suppliers and global companies are towards photography is remarkable. Yet, this does not compare to the ‘energy’ one feels when surrounded by so many people who enjoy what they are doing in this industry. Seeing so many thousands of people walking about with camera gear off every shoulder and galleries larger than our largest convention centre, full of walls of images. Seeing brand new gear which is only days old, testing prototypes and seeing equipment that might never land in South Africa is a bonus.


Possibly the largest growth area as far as new products on display is concerned, I would say had to be the DSLR video rigs. We only included a few images of those on display.

Well supported by all the leading brands, Photokina caters for every aspect of the industry. Stands include, printing machines, binding machines, software, calibration equipment, screens, studio gear, lenses, accessories of every possible sort, cameras and dozens of photo book suppliers and machines.

Here are a few more images:

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