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Preparing for Photokina 2012

As Photokina 2012 draws closer, we have our flights, accommodation and tickets booked. The excitement grows. Photokina is held every two years in Cologne, Germany. Photokina is the largest and single most important photographic and imaging event in the world. Every top name brand is represented and most companies take this opportunity to announce new releases in their product range. Typcially, the products are announced just before the show and often can be seen at the show for the very first time. Photokina is the place to be for anyone who is anyone in the photographic industry.

img_8618It is open to the public who flock there over the weekend, what an amazing feeling it is to be surrounded by so much ‘photographic’ energy. Pictured above is one of  the entrances to Koelnmesse, a multiple of massive expo halls, many of which are double story. Photokina 2010 occupied 11 expo halls of which at least 6 were double story with over 1200 exhibitors!

img_8479To compliment the giant expo halls, many are joined by massive spaces which are well used for galleries or large displays like the enormous globe pictured above. This was part of a global photo project with images being submitted from, you guessed it, ‘around the world’.

img_8450The entrance to the Canon expo hall where you find a display of every Canon lens in the range as well as a full selection of all the DSLR’s to touch and test.

img_8453Here you see a section view of a IS mechanism in the 400mm f4 DO USM lens. Something we would possibly never get to see in South Africa. This is just a tip of the iceberg in the multitude of brands all competing for your attention. Heaven for anyone who loves this industry.

img_8462IamSure, it goes without saying that you will find an expo hall full of Nikon gear and interactive displays too.

img_8544Manfrotto show off not only their immense range of new products but also some of their apparel suited to the various environments photographers find themselves in. An impressive display indeed.

img_8554The Elinchrom exhibit offers a rare opportunity to see the entire range of light shaping accessories in the range as well as all the many kits currently available.

img_8612Visiting Photokina is an opportunity for us to see the future of the photographic industry in a way the internet cannot provide. Sure, we use the internet on an ongoing basis to stay ‘in the know’. Although the internet provides up-to-date info on all the new goodies and it is possible to get a good feel for everything available, Photokina adds an unbeatable dimension. Other than seeing everything in ‘3D’, it also allows you to interact with the top people in the industry who know their products and can answer questions on the spot.

The brands also offer many extra’s in the form of guest speakers from the top of their game (in the many genres of photography), seminars, workshops, demonstrations, competitions, numerous galleries and exhibitions of work from around the world , truly a global event.

Back in the years when I was a photographer, I had hear so much about Photokina and could only dream of the chance to see it all for myself. I am so fortunate to be seeing it in the most amazing time in photography, this digital era.

Look-out for our video clip in September 2012.  We will film, edit and post from the expo halls of Photokina 2012.

Kurt Sunkel