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Studio Album Pro goes Landscape

The NEW “Studio Album Landscape” by Studio22:

Introducing the next edition in our Studio Album range, a landscape option. The page format is based on that of our most popular Storybook album (the Life XW30), with 10×15 inches of space per page. Our personalized covers are printed on an ultra high resolution Epson large format printer with an advertised print life of 75 years.

frontpcIt is identical in construction to our existing Studio Album, with the same 90gsm thick inter-sleeve sheets separating the pages.  It is also available in 40 page (20 double sided sheets) and 80 page (40 double sided sheets) options. Custom albums can be ordered with more or less pages, please contact us for a quote or visit www.studio22.co.za for a price list.

frontpccloseThis view shows the binding, the Duo cover and texture of the leatherette. Our personalized covers can be laminated in any of three options, Wheat texture, Matt or gloss. The Duo cover ensures the action of folding during opening and closing is confined to the durable leatherette material used to cover the remaining area of the cover – this leads to a longer life for the entire album. Our thanks goes to “The Photographic Journey” for the use of their personalized cover in these photographs.

backpcThe back cover is a highly durable black leatherette.

brandingAt Studio22 we understand the concept of branding and the need for photographers to ensure their names stay close to their images. All Studio22 albums are proudly branded with our name and allow space for the photographer to add his or her details if they choose not to do so on the cover.

frontpA front view of our Studio Album Pro Landscape Plain, without a Duo personalized cover.

pcopen2A front view of the album open.

pcsleeve1This view clearly shows the inter-sleeve. We use a paper that is thicker than regular writing paper. This minimizes the risk of the sheet from folding or getting damaged.

For up-to-date prices, please visit our website, CoffeeTableBooks.co.za and click on Studio Albums.

A few example layout options:

Below we show a few examples of print formats that can be pasted in an album, including a selection of enlargements. Many additional layouts are possible. Studio22 stocks the Henzo range of glues and tapes for securing prints in our range of albums.

8x12A landscape 8×12 inch (200x300mm) print is displayed.

2x6x9Two portrait 6×9 inch (150x225mm) prints are displayed

2x5x7Two portrait 5×7.5 inch (125x195mm) prints are displayed

3x6x4Three portrait 6×4 inch (150x100mm – Jumbo) prints are displayed


Four landscape 6×4 inch (150x100mm – Jumbo) prints are displayed

6x9and2x4x6One portrait 6×9 inch (150x225mm) and two 6×4 inch (150x100mm – Jumbo) prints are displayed.

For up-to-date prices, please visit our website, CoffeeTableBooks.co.za and click on Studio Albums.  E-mail us at info@studio22.co.za

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Photography by Kurt Sunkel at Studio22