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Studio22 Album Maker – Getting started.

As Studio22 Album Maker grows in popularity, there is a greater demand for a basic “getting started” guide. Although we offer free workshops in Cape Town, not everyone can attend. Below is a brief guide through the main aspects of the software.

Step 1.
Select your product:
A description, product price and picture is displayed as you make your selection.


Step 2.
In step 2 you have the options to add your backdrop colour and page layout. These options can all be changed as you proceed.

Step 3.
This is the final step in building the outline of your product. If it is your first attempt, we recommend you experiemtn with the Sample Album first before creating your own book. We do not recommend you use AutoFill, it is best you select the image yourself, drag it and drop it in the place yo want it. You then move on to the create pages…

This is your basic design page, this is where you will spend most of your time. I will explain the toolbars below.

Working in a clockwise direction.
BACKGROUNDS:  You can select any colour or choose form a wide range of themed backgrounds in the drop down menu, including patterns and textures. NOTE: You can use any of your own pictures as a background, simply drag it over the page until it touches the border, then ‘drop’. You can change the opacity at any stage.
EFFECTS: These allow you to change the colour of any image or background. Effects include Sepia, B&W, Vintage and various colour tones.
MASKS: A large selection of Masks allow you to change the shape of an image or use “cut-outs’ and patterns over any image. Masks include gradients, fades and vignettes as well as a range or borders.
FRAMES: Much like a picture frame on your wall, this option adds a border and leave a frame around an image. Frames can be used in conjunction with Marks to create further styles.
CLIPARTS: A large range of shapes and ‘object’ can be added to your page in a simple “Drag & Drop’ action from your
PAGE/COVER LAYOUT: A highlight of Studio22 Album Maker software is the ability to create and save any page layout you desire. To assist you, it has a number or pre-designed pages to choose from. Again, you need only drag your chose of layout and drop it on the page for it to take effect.

The top bar:
NEW: To get started with a new project to change at any time, NEW will automatically save your current project and open the menu window.
OPEN: The open option allows you to open any project you worked on in the past.
ORDER: On completing your design, ORDER will process the information and offer you the option to upload via the internet or save the ZIPPED file onto a memory device to deliver to post to Studio22.
PRICES: This is a link to the prices on the CoffeeTableBooks.co.za webiste.
SITE: This is a link to the CoffeeTableBooks.co.za webiste.
HELP: This link takes you to a help menu set up by the developers of the software.

On to more screen captures:

04Adding your images is a simple ‘drag and drop’ process. Your images are displayed on the bar on the right, once an image is used on a page, the preview image in the bar is ticked in green. You can use one image multiple times.
The bar along the bottom of the page displays  each page as you build your book. As you move along the bottom bar, your page appears on the design screen.

Additional tools are featured below the design page. These include the option to add text (any size, any colour, wide 100’s of fonts), rotate left, rotate right, zoom in, zoom out, move page left, move page right, delete page, add page, undo & redo.

Now it’s in your hands, design and enjoy the software. Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information.

Kurt Sunkel