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The new Cappuccino Coffee Table Book by Studio22

We are proud to introduce the long awaited new addition to our Coffee Table Book range of products – The ‘Cappuccino’. (April 2009 – today, one of our most popular styles)

img_8036The ‘Cappuccino’ from A-Z:
The inside of the Cappuccino is identical to our existing range of Coffee Table Books. The standard book has 40  landscape pages (20 double sided sheets) printed in a magazine quality print on a 120gsm bright white matt paper. We have over 80 basic templates available for download from our website, These templates are in PSD format for use in Photoshop. The templates are free for use when printing and binding at Studio22. You are more than welcome to supply your own layout and design, our requirements are only that you allow a good 10mm of bleed and stick to the A4 landscape format, more info is on our website.

What’s new? The Duo cover is the key element to this new option. Our Duo cover is a combination of regular binding and a personalized cover. The regular cover includes the entire back page, wraps over the spine and about 5% of the front cover. The rest of the front cover is then covered separately with a personalized design and your choice of lamination (Matt, Gloss or wheat texture).

img_8047The inside is identical to our Espresso book. Above you can see a typical layout of one of our free templates.
img_8037Here the Duo cover is clearly visible. The black spine on the left separates the personalized cover on the right. You can also see the texture on the black and the wheat texture on this laminated cover.
img_8045Another inside view showing the binding of the spine and another template option.
img_8039A back view of the all black cover material with a slight texture and neatly bound spine.
img_8043As is visible above, the cover image can wrap over the entire cover with a neat finish.
img_80411This view shows the binding in the spine. We promote the photographer branding his or her name on the books, this however does not need to be done on the cover, we allow a narrow strip that is visible on the inside cover for a more subtle branding. Our thanks to Chaplinpix for the use of there book in our examples.

img_8040For a closer look at the texture of the black binding material.

– Due to the new style cover being used, it will allow us to pre-manufacture up to 80% of the case long in advance. This in turn could reduce the turn around time during busy times.
– As less printing is required for the cover, less lamination is needed to cover the printed area, both leading to reduced costs in manufacture.
– The spine is bound with plain black textured binding material which will endure a longer life of opening and closing. It no longer has a risk of the lamination material lifting from the dark ink areas in the other book styles.

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