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The new Studio22 – 7 Edison Way, Century Gate Business Park, Century City

On 2 May 2012 we opened our doors at the new Studio22. With a history of over 40 years in one area, finding a new space was a long process and a tough choice to make.

As Studio22 grew, parking proved to be our greatest obstacle, one we could not solve within our exiting space. It did not take long for our internal space to reach capacity. Colin has always planned ahead, when first building the framing workshop at the back of Studio22 over 20 years ago, he predicted he would need more space and built the workshop as a double volume space. This was one of the first spaces we enclosed and the first floor was soon taken over entirely by our photo book manufacturing.

Although we searched for a long time, things happened very fast once we found our new Studio22 site. The large open space appealed to us and we knew we had to act fast. It was our plan to take advantage of a long weekend and move in a very short time. From finding the site to signing took less than one month and the move planned very soon thereafter.


Our top priority was parking, the new site offers over 60 parking bays within the development. Our next priority was prime location, Century City is the answer. As a speciality destination store, we wanted a well know area with easy access and close to two national roads (namely the N1 and N7). Our new site is over one kilometer closer to the N1, this means travelling from both Cape Town City Central or Paarl, the trip is closer with far less turns.

Naturally, as a growing store, space was next on our list. The new Studio22 offers over 100 square meters of extra space for clients. Moving into a new store gave us the opportunity to offer something new, something extra, something special. With our roots in studio photography, the inclusion of a large spacious studio felt like the right way to go. Planned as a multi-use space, ‘Cube Studio’ is available for photographic shoots as well as photographic related events, from club meetings to photo and software workshops. Cube Studio boasts a 50+ square meter floor space with free wi-fi and air conditioning. Being on the ground floor with a double door entrance makes large product shoots a breeze. The studio includes numerous lights, an industrial fan and a remarkable selection of accessories. The list of items as well as our rates and discounts are on the Studio22 website. https://www.studio22online.co.za/cube-studio/

The new Studio22 is mostly open plan. Housing the photo book counter, pro lab, design department, large format printing, photographic retail, Clique (our popular coffee stop), Cube Studio, Colin Sunkel Framing as well as the CoffeeTableBooks.co.za counter all within the same space. Our picture framing and photo book manufacturing sections are directly next door.

We look forward to seeing you at Studio22 Century City.

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