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The “Shadow Wrap” by Studio22 and Colin Sunkel Framing

The Shadow Wrap:

The Shadow Wrap is the latest printing product from Studio22 and Colin Sunkel Framing. It consists of an archival print, mounted and wrapped over a firm backing board. The archival print is protected by a matt waterproof film. This film also adds to the longevity of the print by further delaying the aging process. View our gallery of layout options at the bottom of this post. All samples are 8×12″ (200x300mm) Shadow Wraps.

Sell your end product:

This product motivates our strong focus on suggesting to photographers that they need to sell their “end product”. As a display product, the Shadow Wrap is ideal for photographer to sell to clients who are looking to display their images. Most clients hire portrait photographers because they want pictures on their walls. We believe that the photographer should avoid simply handing over electronic images and focus on selling the end product. Photographers need to find the way to deliver what the client really wants, those beautiful portraits on the wall for all to see.

See our Shadow Wrap from all sides in this YouTube clip:
[youtube video_id=”DiXKW4uEgWI” width=”640″ height=”360″ ]


  • The photographer already has a reputation with the service providers and is able to recommend a suitable and durable product that will display great images for the pleasure of both the photographer and client.
  • The photographer is now also able to hand over a product to the client that looks the way it should. The photographer does not need to worry that poor printing and bad mounting will make his or her work look unprofessional.
  • The client is able to save time and money. No need to search for a printer, getting quotes and finding a place to mount or frame. The client will more than likely need to drive to different places to collect and to deliver and again to collect the product to best display their new images.
  • The photographer offers an all-in-one, turnkey service and increases income.


If you would like more ideas on presenting your images as an ‘end product’, please contact Yumna at Colin Sunkel Framing, (right here in Studio22) – framing@studio22.co.za or 021 525 3740
Also see our range of WallScapes, “point and print” options.


IMG_1110IMG_1112Our thanks to Cape Town Wedding Photographer Leanne Evans for the use of her image on the Shadow Wrap in this blog.

Our thanks to Cape Town Wedding Photographer Sarah Kate Schäfer for the use of her image on the Shadow Wraps above.


Our thanks to Cape Town Wedding Photographer Jacques Smit for the use of his images on the Shadow Wraps above.