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Why Studio22?

What does Studio22 offer that is different? Every print we produce and every item on the shelf or website has the input of a dedicated company owner. A life dedicated to photography. Here’s a short history.

The foundation of Studio22, built on the success of Colin Sunkel Photography.

PART 1   –   1984 to 2002…

My keen interest in computers started as far back as 1984. Here I am working at my first ever computer. Today, 24 years later, I if I am face to face with a client you will see me at one of our many Photoshop workstations throughout Studio22.
untitled-7-copy1Throughout high school, I assisted my father on many photographic assignments. I started my involvement in the family business at an early age. I had to work my way up from gofor.untitled-3-copy1

In 1993 I graduated with a National Diploma in Photography from Peninsula Technikon. From 1991 to 1996 I was fortunate enough to assist many local and international photographers in diverse styles from fashion, portraiture, automotive and jewelry to furniture sets.

When I was not studying or assisting, I was working at Colin Sunkel Photography, my parents’ business. On completion of my studies, I joined the company as a member of the Closed Corporation.

untitled-2-copy1 Central Park –New York 1994 :

In 1994, I had an opportunity to assist a New York based studio – here I can be seen in Central Park on a shoot for Volvo.

untitled-1-copy1 Studio22 – Cape Town 1996:

Having acquired the property at 22 Beaufort street in 1987, after renovations, days before the opening I was painting the 7m wide concrete curve of Studio22 – the original Studio22 was a fully equipped photographic studio. We moved to this new property due to the growth of our darkrooms in our previous building – as the darkrooms grew (two colour and a black & white), our studio space grew smaller – it was time to expand – at the time photography was our key concern and the majority of the printing we did was for our own work – as my father and I both did photography back then.

untitled-5-copy1 Snappy Snaps – London 1998:

In 1998 I was off to London where you can see me printing in a one hour lab – my first taste of the automatic printing process – I had only ever done hand printing in Darkrooms with enlargers. It only took me days before I was “running’’ the store – I enjoyed it and was so engulfed by the energy I was working double shifts – opening and closing the store almost every day, even forgetting to take lunch breaks. Dreams of my own labs started to surface.

untitled-41 Jessops – London 1998:

My next London job was at “The U.K.’s No. 1 Photographic specialist”, Jessops, the famous Oxford Street store. Here I worked in professional camera sales, selling the likes of Hasselblad’s and Mamiya RB67’s. I was also involved with all the typical photographic items – Elinchrom and Bowens lighting, Manfortto tripods to Lowepro bags. This was my inspiration for the growing range of pro equipment available from Studio22 today.


On my return from the UK, I was inspired to print at a higher capacity. As a first step and personal project I purchased an old Noristsu film processor and printer and renovated both entirely on my own from the bottom up. We offered a Develop and print service to the local residence in the area around our building. The remarkable response we received was a sign that the time had changed and it was ready for us to evolve – a taste of the future.


We were one of the early studios to adopt digital photography into our services. I was eager to dive into the digital printing revolution. As much as I loved film, my love for computers meant I was able to share my two passions – photography and computers. It did not take long to realize that digital photography required much attention and good post production. My interest soon showed that I was more passionate about the printing of images than the photographing. I had a meeting (with my parents) and we discussed the future of photography and how digital imaging would play its part. That was the day I decided on our new direction – it was time to leave the photography behind me and focus on printing and retail.
To be continued…