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Home / Photographic Equipment / Birds in Flight / Action Photography Workshop Cape Town – March 2016

Birds in Flight / Action Photography Workshop Cape Town – March 2016

Vernon Chalmers will once again facilitate the popular Birds in Flight / Action Photography Workshop at Studio22 Milnerton with a hands-on practical session at Woodbridge Island on 3 – 5 March 2016.

Session 1 : 3 March 17:30 – 21:30 (Studio22)
Session 2 : 4 March 17:30 – 21:30 (Studio 22)
Session 3 : 5 March 06: 45 – 12:00 (Woodbridge Island)

The first session will be for owners of all DSLR’s for getting a good hands-on understanding of the overall exposure / camera / lens settings for Birds in Flight / Action photography, with the second session’s focus on Canon EOS DSLR owners keen to fine-tune their Canon EOS Autofocus (AF) system settings and various other more advanced camera / lens configurations.

All delegates are welcome to attend both sessions.

The third practical / shooting session at Woodbridge Island is available for any delegate who attended session one or two (or both).

Photo Competition: A Studio22 voucher up to R3000-00 off you next Canon purchase will be up for grabs! Submit your best picture taken and you could be a winner! The closing date is 31 March 2016.

Session 1: Introduction to Intermediate Birds in Flight / Action Photography
Anybody interested in getting started with Birds in Flight / Action Photography and / or who wants to learn more about the the various exposure / camera settings and techniques required for getting the best out of your current DSLR body / lens pairing for Birds in Flight Action photography. Please see the sessions contents / learning areas below.

Cost: R650-00 per person attending Session 1 and Session 3

RSVP: Essential – 20 delegates maximum (Contact Vernon Chalmers for booking / payment arrangements) 

Session 2: Intermediate to Advanced Birds in Flight / Action Photography
Anybody with a Canon EOS DSLR who wants to get a more in-depth understanding of the Canon EOS Exposure Modes, Autofocus (AF) system and its application / tuning for Birds in Flight / Action photography. Detailed discussion will be provided for all modern Canon EOS bodies up to the 65-point AF system. Please see the session’s contents / learning areas below.Continuous assistance/ support for fine-tuning specific Canon EOS body / lens combination.Cost: R850-00 per person attending Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3RSVP: Essential – 20 delegates maximum (Contact Vernon Chalmers for booking / payment arrangements) 

Session 3: Practical at Woodbridge Island
Practical / walk-around shooting session for attendees of both Session 1 and Session 2. This is an opportunity to experiment with the various exposure settings, AF system configurations and capturing / composition techniques with the various birds species around Woodbridge Island. Guidance will be on hand for fine-tuning of exposure settings and AF system configurations.What do you need to bring? A DSLR Camera, telephoto or zoom lens & your own memory card.Recommended min lens focal length: 250 – 300mm ie: Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS (STM) or EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6(L) IS USM lens (or any 3rd party lens of similar FL).Contact Vernon Chalmers if you need more information about your DSLR body and lens pairing.Each delegate will receive a ring binder folder with all workshop information and other useful resources.Refreshments will be provided.

Session 1: Workshop Contents / Learning Areas

  • Introduction to BIF Photography
  • BIF Fundamentals / Considerations
  • Camera / Lens Settings
  • Lenses for Birds in Flight
  • Teleconverters / Extenders
  • Exposure Settings / Techniques
  • Memory Cards / Card Readers

Session 2: Workshop Contents / Learning Areas

  • BIF Fundamentals / Considerations
  • Canon EOS Bodies / Lenses for BIF
  • Camera / Lens Settings
  • Exposure Settings
  • Continuous shooting / AI Servo Modes
  • Canon AF Systems (9-point to 65-point)
  • Advanced AF System tuning (AF configuration / Area Selection Modes)
  • Advanced body / lens focus tuning / techniques / recommendations

All EOS body owners (or future EOS owners) are welcome to attend. Please note that the in-depth discussion / tuning around AF systems will primarily be focused around the following AF systems with specific emphasis from the 19-point AF system EOS bodies which offers more advanced case and zone configurations:

  • 9-point AF System (EOS 500D / 550D / 600D / 650D / 700D / 60D / 5D / 5D Mark II)
  • 11-point AF System (EOS 6D)
  • 19-point AF System (EOS 750D / 760D / 70D / 7D)
  • 45-point AF System (EOS 1D / 1D Mark II / 1D Mark III / 1D Mark IV / Older 1D’s)
  • 61-point AF System (EOS 5D Mark III / EOS 5Ds / EOS 5Ds R / EOS-1D X)
  • 65-point AF System (EOS 7D Mark II)