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Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing

For artists seeking unparalleled reproduction quality, Giclée prints stand as the quintessential choice. This archival technique employs specialised inkjet printers to meticulously render images with vibrant pigment inks onto a selection of fine art papers. Our collection offers a range of 6 exquisite papers, each imbued with distinctive textures, finishes, and tones, allowing artists to craft their desired print aesthetic. Superbly crafted prints boasting rich colours, exquisite details, and enduring vibrancy.

Production time : 1-3 working days

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Photographic Paper Sizes

DimensionsFine Art / Giclee
Fine Art / Giclee
True Fibre
150x225mmR 160   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% offR 99   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% off
200x300mmR 225   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% offR 129   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% off
300x450mmR 339   –   Order NowR 175   –   Order Now
400x600mmR 519   –   Order NowR 253   –   Order Now
600x900mmR 935   –   Order NowR 490   –   Order Now
1000x1500mmR2395   –   Order NowR 1510   –   Order Now
 Square Formats  
200x200mmR 199   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% offR 124   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% off
300x300mmR 285   –   Order NowR 155   –   Order Now
400x400mmR 385   –   Order NowR 205   –   Order Now
500x500mmR 529   –   Order NowR 283   –   Order Now
600x600mmR 729   –   Order NowR 391   –   Order Now
700x700mmR 925   –   Order NowR 414   –   Order Now
800x800mmR1145   –   Order NowR 524   –   Order Now
900x900mmR1520   –   Order NowR 676   –   Order Now
1000x1000mmR1859   –   Order NowR 795   –   Order Now

International Paper Sizes

DimensionsFine Art / Giclee
Fine Art / Giclee
True Fibre
A5 (148x210mm)R 163   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% offR99   –   Order Now Use Code LF30 for 30% off
A4 (210x297mm)R 234   –   Order NowR135   –   Order Now
A3 (297x420mm)R 337   –   Order NowR175   –   Order Now
A2 (420x591mm)R 539   –   Order NowR 230   –   Order Now
A1 (591x841mm)R 956   –   Order NowR 406   –   Order Now
A0 (841x1198mm)R1839   –   Order NowR819   –   Order Now

Paper Selection:  

(sample images below)

  • Hahnemuhle German Etching   310gsm
  • Hahnemuhle Baryta (Photo Rag)   315gsm
  • Hahnemuhle Photo Rag   308gsm Smooth
  • Hahnemuhle William Turner 310gsm
  • Hahnemuhle Torchon   285gsm BrightWhite
  • Felix Schoeller True Fibre  200gsm

*Felix Schoeller 200gsm True Fibre

Images must be submitted “print ready” in Jpeg format. If you are new to fine art printing or do not have a calibrated screen, it is recommended you request a test print.

Please call or e-mail your print specifications for a quotation. For multiple prints, we are able to offer a nesting option to optimize the space used and possibly save you money.

Professional Proofs:

Each proof has two ‘views’ of your images…  One as a ‘pixel test’ to show the exact resolution of the final image (300pdi will show 300 pixels in one inch).  The other part is the full image to show the colour and density. For colour sensitive issues, it is the perfect way to ensure your final print will be exactly what you want.

Artwork reproductions:

If you have original artwork you need to be reproduced, we offer affordable rates with test prints to proof your colour before production printing begins. Original works are only reproduced with signed author and copyright permission.

Proof Prints Online.

We have introduced an online option to create a test strip. This is the ideal way to see how your images will reproduce on various Fine Art Papers. Our proof prints include two sizes. – view the options.

Outstanding Prints 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Hahnemuhle German Etching   310gsm

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag   308gsm Smooth

Hahnemuhle Torchon   285gsm BrightWhite

Hahnemuhle William Turner   310gsm

Fine Art Paper

All Fine Art prints are processed through our selection of printers using only original Ultra Chrome Archival inks.  Archival printing on archival paper for quality prints with the finest of detail that last a lifetime.

Studio22 stocks Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper: Artists paper for fine art photography, digital art, photo and art reproductions. Hahnemuhle’s German Etching is our most popular textured paper. View our range of Hahnemuhle paper textures at the bottom of this page.

Global Standard

Our printers are maintained to a global standard, we do not adjust or tweak any images unless expressly requested to do so. Daily calibration ensures all printers are delivering to specification. Images printed by Studio22 will match images printed in other professional labs around the globe. Images are printed with the exact information in the file. When changes or correction are requested, this is done only within the Photoshop environment.

To continue with the drive to print to a global standard, we use the Shiraz Rip, images are fed to the printer via this software to ensure the highest level of print quality and accuracy.

As a Custom Lab, we print to the size you need. Although we offer standard size, our large format printing is priced at a rate per cm, we have a number of popular sizes listed below. Paper rolls are 61cm and 111.8cm wide.

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