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Metallic Photo Prints

Metallic Photo Prints

Though unknown to most, metallic photo paper provides a richer and more vibrant appearance than traditional photographic paper. This stunning material is used by professional photographers, studios and printers like Studio22 to create paper-based prints that are unparalleled in colour, quality and vibrancy. Using laminate layers, metallic prints will give your photos a depth and metallic reflection not seen in any other type of print. This archival-quality photographic paper is printed on our Frontier DryLab using genuine Fujifilm ink.

Available Online Only : Gloss Metallic, or Lustre Metallic.

Production time : 2-4 working days

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Size in InchesSize in mmONLINE ONLY Price per Print
6×8″150x200mmR20.00 Order Now
8×10″200x250mmR40.00 Order Now
8×12″200x300mmR45.00 Order Now
8×24″200x600mmR85.00 Order Now
8×36″200x900mmR140.00 Order Now
8×48″200x1200mmR160.00 Order Now

Image Quality:

With an increased colour gamut, higher colour saturation, rich blacks and exceptional sharpness, the depth, clarity, richness of colour, and overall appearance of metallic prints is beauty on paper in its purest form.

Used By Professionals Worldwide:

Metallic photo paper isn’t bought at your local mall. It’s used by professional labs, museums and high-end print shops. Now you can order
prints of your favourite pictures on the same material used by professionals!

Great For Any Image:

The ultra-bright and metallic look of these prints is great for black and white photos, landscapes, panoramic shots, wedding pictures and so much more. Put your pictures on metallic paper and enjoy their pearlescent beauty for a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your metallic prints similar to metal prints?

Though metallic prints sound similar to metal prints, they are an entirely different product. Metallic prints are made from a professional, metallic photo paper, which is comprised of film and laminate layers. These paper-based prints are designed to have a metallic sheen, giving depth and realism to the image. The metallic paper can be adhered to a wide array of media for added rigidity. Conversely, metal prints are printed using dye sublimation directly onto a speciality aluminum. So while both offer gorgeous end results, the materials themselves differ greatly.

What type of metal is used in your metallic prints?

Though the name can be deceiving, there is actually no metal in our metallic print. The metallic effect is created by multiple layers of reflective laminates and films. The material is a high-end speciality photo paper.

What is metallic photo paper?

Metallic photo paper is specially designed for professional use. Instead of a single layer of white paper, metallic prints combine multiple film and laminate layers to produce a stunning metallic effect. Typically photo paper like this is used in photography studios but we’ve made it accessible for your custom prints for customers or otherwise.

Are metallic prints the same as holographic prints? What about chrome paper?

Though metallic paper has similar properties as holographic and chrome paper, the terms are not interchangeable. Holographic – or hologram – paper has a reflective appearance that shows a range of the color spectrum, similar to a rainbow. Holographic paper can be found in solid and clear variations.

Chrome paper is a highly reflective paper, with a mirror-like effect. Chrome paper comes in a variety of colours. Both holographic and chrome paper are used for arts, crafts and decorative purposes. These are not Studio22 products.

With different layers, does this mean that my photo will be 3-Dimensional?

Though the multiple layers create a unique visual appearance, it does not produce a 3-D effect. The layering does enhance the depth and contrast of colors, while increasing the sharpness of the image.

How rigid are metallic prints without an ultraboard backing?

Like most photo prints, metallic prints offer greater rigidity than typical printer paper, but they are still a form of paper. Which is to say the rigidity without a mount will be very low. Typically, print-only displaying should involve a frame or easel to ensure that the print does not bend or curve. Bending or folding your print can cause permanent creases that ruin the appearance of your print.

Are there different types of finishes available?

Metallic photo prints are available in two finishes, a glossy, ultra-vibrant finish and a lustre finish. We feel gloss finish brings out the richness of your photo, accentuates the distinct metallic look and offers exceptional quality no matter the photo. The lustre creates a slight contradiction but allows a subtle luminance to shine through and almost surprise the viewer. 

How reflective are metallic prints?

Metallic prints offer enough reflectivity to bring out details and colours of the photo without causing a mirror-like effect. The reflectivity of the print is not overwhelming to the eye and allows clarity of the image when displayed in well-lit rooms.

Is my print crease-resistant?

No! Your print is a type of photo paper. Just like normal photos, bending or folding your print can cause permanent creases that ruin the appearance of your print. We recommend treating them as carefully as possible.

Do you offer black and white metallic prints?

We do offer metallic prints in black and white, and just like metallic prints in full colour, they look incredible. Whether you print in black and white or in full color we’re confident you’ll absolutely love your metallic print!

Can I specify which areas of the print are metallic and which aren’t?

No, printing on metallic photo paper does not allow you to select areas to mute or hide portions of the material to make it non-metallic?

What sizes are your metallic prints? Do you offer custom sizes?

Metallic prints are offered in a range of custom sizes from a small format 8”x6” (approx. 200x150mm) to a panoramic format 8″x48″ print (approx. 200x1200mm). Our current rolls is 8inches wide, that 203mm, we can print continuously to any length up to 1200mm, that’s 1.2m long.

Common sizes include: 6×8″, 8×10″, 8×12″, 8×36″ and 8×48″.
As true photographic sizes originate in Inches, we can give you the approximate size in millimetres as follows: 150x200mm, 200x250mm, 200x300mm, 200x 900mm and 200x1200mm.

Is there a limit to what I can print?

There really is no limit to what you can print, as long as you are in accordance with our terms of service. We do retain the right to cancel any order that violates such terms. Our terms of service require that you as the buyer have all permissions needed to print copyrighted materials?

What are the typical uses for metallic prints?

Metallic prints are ideal for displaying in personal and professional environments. For personal use, metallic prints can be displayed in family rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, nurseries, hallway galleries, and any other room in the home. Metallic prints are fantastic for printing photos of cityscapes, scenery, family portraits, weddings, and pets.

When used in a professional environment, metallic prints are perfect for displaying in lounges, reception areas, conference rooms, offices, hallways, and bathrooms. We recommend placing them in well-lit areas to allow the metallic effect to be prominently on display.
Will the metallic effect diminish over the years?
With the archival-quality paper, you will not have to worry about the metallic effect diminishing. We highly recommend taking care not to scratch your print, as doing so will affect the quality of your print.
Are metallic prints prone to ripping or tearing? What about curling and denting?
The multiple film laminate layers of the metallic print provide increased durability and resistance to tearing, ripping, or curling. That being said, because this is a paper-based product, metallic prints can be torn or ripped through intentional efforts to do so and when enough force is applied. Denting of a mounted print can be avoided by handling it with care, especially when transporting or storing. Hitting the print against corners or sharp edges will increase the likelihood of denting and scratching. When properly handled, you should not have to worry about damaging your print.

Should I worry about smudging or scratching the surface of the print? What about fingerprints showing?

The glossy finish of the print can be prone to collecting fingerprints and smudges. We recommend cleaning your print with a non-abrasive cloth to remove excess streaks and fingerprints.  With proper handling scratching should not occur on your metallic print. Though the prints are susceptible to scratches if mishandled, dropped, or rubbed against sharp edges. They are in no way scratch resistant. We recommend using a dry lint-free or microfiber cloth to clean any smudges or fingerprints that may be on your prints. In some cases tissue or toilet paper may do the trick too. With any of these options we recommend never using any kind of liquid as part of the cleaning process.

Can I display my print outdoors?

While your print would presumably do just fine outdoors in perfectly calm weather we do not recommend any outdoor use. These prints are intended for professional and personal indoor use only.