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Scanning & Restoration

Scanning & Restoration

Studio22 provides a scanning service delivering high-quality digital images at affordable prices. Not only is each scan is individually assessed by an experienced operator with various scan sizes available, but a vital aspect of scanning is the software that supports it. Dust & Scratch Software ensure the scans are clean and clear, no matter how well negatives or slides are stored, dust is there. Our combination of software and scanner work together far beyond the ability of any home scanner.  Our services also include many forms of digital printing. See our price list below or click here to view our price list for all our service.

Scanning of Prints

Scanning of Prints is available.

Referring to flat photographic prints up to A3. Including photographs or full album pages. We are able to copy colour, black&white or sepia images. Files or prints are supplied neatly cropped and sized. (An additional fee applies if prints must be removed and replaced in albums or frames).

‘Standard’ photograph – (supplied as digital files – no printing)

Quantity Standard ResolutionHigh Resolution
2 to 5R 28.00 eachR 30.00 each
6 to 20R 14.00 eachR 15.50 each
21 to 50R  7.90 eachR  9.95 each
51 to 100R  6.90 eachR  7.75 each
101+R 5.55 eachR 5.75 each
400+R3.75 eachplease enquire

Scanning of Artworks

Referring to flat artworks up to A3. Including, certificates, Newspaper clippings, scrapbooks or letters. We are able to copy colour or black&white. Files are supplied neatly cropped and sized..

Quantity ___________A6 to A4 ____________A4 to A3
1 to 2R 55.00 eachR 65.00 each
3 or moreR 45.00 eachR 55.00 each

Larger Items:

Items larger than A3 can be captured, please enquire as individual quotes apply.

Slide Scanning:

SLIDE SCANNING IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE. Please e-mail us for an update. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Your slides made digital, ready to view, print and share. Fast, easy & affordable!
We offer various scan sizes, all at 300DPI (photographic resolution). Scan sizes include files for use online or suitable for large prints. Film formats include 35mm, 126, 127, 110 and 120 (including 6×4.5, 6×6 and 6×7) mounted slides.

QuantityStandard ResolutionHigh Resolution
Up to 20R 8.90 eachR 12.65 each
21 to 100R 6.70 eachR 11.25 each
101 to 500R 4.45 eachR 6.65 each
501 to 1000R 2.85 eachR 4.39 each
1001+R 2.59 eachR 3.35 each

Negative Scanning:

Negative SCANNING IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE. Please e-mail us for an update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As negatives come in different sizes, we are able to accommodate most formats used over the past 20 years. Scanning is always high resolution (300DPI equivalent) and offered in various sizes. We will gladly assist in choosing the scan size to suit your needs (you can view samples at the bottom of this page).

Negative scanning:   (35mm strips of 4 or 6 or full rolls – no single negatives)

Quantity  (per negative)Standard ResolutionHigh Resolution
36 to 250R 0.99 eachR 1.32 each
251 to 500R 0.89 eachR 0.98 each
501 to 1,000R 0.79 eachR 0.90 each
1001 +R 0,59 eachR 0.68 each

For larger negatives, please contact us.


Our designers use Photoshop to aid the restoration or retouching of images. If you require your images in digital format, we supply Jpegs as the industry standard (as used my most digital cameras).

We can arrange courier collections and deliveries nationwide.

Scanning resolution:

Standard resolution = 6x9inch at 300DPI (1800×2700 pixels = more than double FullHD)

High resolution = 8x12inch at 300DPI (2400×3600 pixels). Larger and smaller scans are available on request. See sample scans below.

Data transfer:

Digital files can copied to your USB device. We are also able to send the data via a service provider like www.wetransfer.com.

Retouching or Restoration:

As artwork rates are based on time, one of our design team members will need to view your image/s in order to estimate the time required to retouch or restore the image/s. Often a simple crop can save a lot of artwork time and even enhance the final image.

Sample Scans:

Standard Resolution:

Click the above thumbnail to open/download file. This full Jpeg file is 2mb in size.   6×9 inch at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or 1800×2700 pixels (pixels = dots).

High Resolution:

Click the above thumbnail to open/download file. This full Jpeg file is 3.8mb in size.   8×12 inch at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or 2400×3600 pixels (pixels = dots)

Extra High Resolution: (quote available on request)
10×15 inch at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or 3000×4500 pixels (pixels = dots).