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Digital Press Price Guide

Digital Press Price Guide:

A Set-up and first Proof fee of R75 per SRA3 applies to each individual order. We print on SRA3 sheets (450mm x 320mm), allowing us to add all the crop and bleed marks required and still trim to your desired size. For example, A5 prints would be printed 4-up on one sheet. If a new proof is required after changes are applied,  the new proof is R75 per SRA3.

Set-up Fee:

Due to the extensive range of media and combinations of sizes and quantities, we invite you to contact us for a quote. If you want to consider multiple options, you are welcome to select from the price guide below, please confirm prices before proceeding with any order in the event other factors may apply.

Ask a question or request a quote.

The price list below applies to 130gsm coated paper, heavier/thicker papers can be ordered by adding the applicable price for the required size.

A3: 297x420mm on 130gsm

 1-10 sheets11 to 2021-5051-100101-500500plus
Single-SidedR 16.50R 12.10R 9.90R 8.50R 6.10R 4.25
Double-sidedR 22.00R 20.00R 14.50R 12.00R 7.25R 6.10

A4: 210x297mm on 130gsm

 2 to 2021-4041-100101-200201-10001000plus
Single-SidedR 9.70R 6.10R 4.85R 4.25R 3.05R 2.45
Double-sidedR 12.10R 9.70R 7.28R 6.10R 3.85R 3.05

A5: 148x210mm on 130gsm

Single-SidedR 4.85R 3.05R 2.45R 2.19R 1.57R 1.10
Double-sidedR 6.10R 4.85R 3.65R 3.05R 1.81R 1.43

A6: 105x148mm on 130gsm

Single-SidedR 2.42R 1.57R 1.21R 1.10R 0.79R 0.57
Double-sidedR 3.00R 2.42R 1.81R 1.57R 0.91R 0.71

DL:  99x210mm on 130gsm

Single-SidedR 3.27R 2.05R 1.70R 1.45R 1.03R 0.84
Double-sidedR 4.24R 3.27R 2.42R 2.05R 1.21R 1.03

Additional fee for heavier paper stocks:

150 gsmR 0.24R 0.12R 0.06R 0.04R 0.06
170 gsmR 0.48R 0.24R 0.12R 0.06R 0.12
200 gsmR 0.72R 0.36R 0.18R 0.09R 0.18
250 gsmR 0.96R 0.48R 0.24R 0.12R 0.24
300 gsmR 1.21R 0.60R 0.30R 0.15R 0.25
350 gsmR 1.45R 0.72R 0.36R 0.19R 0.30

All our prices include VAT.

Terms & Conditions: By submitting an order, you agree to the terms and conditions on this website. Due to the nature of the materials used or supplied, there is no guarantee that any material will be able to produce identical results as samples or products on display. Any material supplied is done so at customers risk. Studio22 cannot be held liable for any loss relating directly or indirectly from the work submitted. Materials behave is different ways and the results cannot be guaranteed to be identical.