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Are you ready to tell yours?

Exploring the possibilities of Sigma lenses!

Let Frank Krummacher and Sigma lenses show you how!

If you are ready to get off auto and use your camera’s full potential you are ready to tell your life’s stories through your lens.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Which lens is the lens for you? | Focal lengths, zooms and fixed lenses compared. Is there such a thing as “the one lens”?
  • Find Your Focus | How can you adjust your focus points and why do you need to? Which focus mode is best? How can you get sharper focus?
  • Push It To The Edge | How can you get the blurry background you’ve seen in photos?  How important is the aperture?
  • Give Me Light | What is all this talk about metering? What can you do when the light changes? How does the histogram help your photography?
  • Fill The Frame | How can you take better portraits?
  • Find A Different Angle | How can you tell a story with your composition?
  • Bring It All Together | What are 10 things you can do to improve your photography?

Workshop Details: FULLY BOOKED