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    "Best quality photo prints I've seen in YEARS! Beautiful matte photo paper, absolutely stunning colours. Took a chance and ordered online, no adjustments to my images, no idea what to expect… What a surprise and absolute pleasure to receive my small, well packaged order, so promptly. Best price, professional quality, super helpful when I called for help with payment too. I can wholeheartedly recommend Studio 22 … 122%."


    "Love this place, perfect for printing as it offers extremely professional services"


    "Simply the best printing shop. I print all my photos with them. I cannot recommend them enough."


    "The team at Studio22 always go above and beyond my expectations with delivery and service. Their products are top class and they are just a dream to work with. You will not regret working with this incredibly efficient and customer driven company. Thank you Estelle, Kurt and Team for your endless support."

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Old Masters

Old Masters Classical Art in your home. I received a call from a client last week asking about printing an “Old Master” on canvas for his house. In particular, it was Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid”. He had seen a magazine article with a photo of a large print on display in someones house and wanted to know if it would be possible for him to have a print like this too. I jumped on Google and was pleasantly surprised to find a website offering a remarkably wide range of well known works from many Old Masters. Renoir, Rembrandt, Van Gogh to Degas and Monet, to mention just a few. Many hundreds of high resolution digital files, what a goldmine. As all these images are now in…

It’s Time For “Fine Art Friday”! … again…

It’s Time For “Fine Art Friday”! … again… If you do not know about our Fine Art Friday, this could be some great news. It’s 25% off all our Fine Art Prints, and all we ask is a little extra time. This little extra time is where you save. “Time is Money”, money you can save. How does it work? You place your order any time you like, any day of the week, any time of day. When you submit it using the voucher code, we hold it in our printing folder until Friday. Each Friday, we group all prints together and it allows us to print with greater efficiency, the equivalent of one large bulk order. The process of printing in bulk allows us…

Collages – Online Printing

I love collages, in the right place, they certainly can tell so much more of a story. If a picture says 1000 words, then a collage certainly must say much more. All collages are exquisitely printed on our premium photo papers to European standard. The range includes rectangular and square images as well as a few heart shape options. We offer two online options, a Photo Collage Print or a Photo Collage Printed and framed. You can upload your images, choose from a selection of collage options and a frame. You could manually place each image or use the autofill option. If you choose the autofill option, you can still make changes as you like, so we recommend this options. Although it is possible to…

What makes a Premium Canvas?

The way I see it, a good canvas consists of 4 core elements. Quality Canvas Exquisite Printing Genuine Wooden Stretcher Craftsmanship We’ve taken each of these elements and created the best combination to produce the best of the best canvas. Quality Canvas : Pure 100% Cotton Canvas. Thick, textured and evenly coated. We go a step further and coat the printed canvas with a high quality UV coating. This coating protects the print from UV light and slows the fading process. It also seals the canvas and keeps it clean. The coating we use is fade and crack resistant to ensure it outlives the life of the canvas. Exquisite Printing :It is a combination of The Epson printer environment, the use of Genuine Epson Archival…

Cinematic Print Format

What is “Cinematic Print Format”? I am not alone, there are many of us that enjoy the Cinematic Aspect Ratio. I felt I could share in this feeling and offer a print format, in this ratio, as a way to enjoy and celebrate the images. True Cinema is known to be 1.85:1 which has been commonly translated to 16:9 in the digital era or HDTV format – WideScreen. “The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height”. I have opted for the now popular 16:9 and fitted this to a photo paper roll of 152mm to a cut length of 86mm, then I wrapped it up with a 6mm white border for a little extra dramatic effect, because it just feels…

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