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Photography Course 101: 1st Lesson on Promotion

Date: Saturday the 5th of July, 2014
Time: 9am – 12pm
Location: Studio22: 7 Edison Way, Century Gate Business Park, Century City
Lesson 1: 1 x 3 house session
Price: R199 per person
Booking Essential: e-mail – Paul Sutton or dial 078 640 6793

Photography Course 101: 1st Lesson on Promotion

If you’re new to photography or simply new to Digital Photography then there’s no better way to get a running start than to attend some of our numerous courses and workshops on offer to photographers of all levels.

A collaboration between Studio22 & Paul Sutton, our Photography 101 course is designed to cater for novice photographers, as well as intermediate students who will also find great value in it.”

The full Photography 101 course is held within each calendar month 5 x 3 hour sessions (usually on a Monday, followed by 4 consecutive Thursdays) Weekday evenings from 6pm till 9pm with a price of only R2, 250.

On July 5th we will be hosting the 1st lesson on promotion for only R199, which includes a brief look at the evolution of cameras into their modern day form, and go on to address the fundamentals of exposure, and the mechanisms that govern them, such as apertures and shutter durations.

What do you need?

No photographic experience is required! Only the desire to start taking great photographs!

Bring your own Camera:

While certain supplied equipment might be demonstrated during classes, we do not supply equipment to students for use on courses. It is recommended that you attend the lesson with your own Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, such as the one pictured alongside. The spec and make of the DSLR camera is not very important.

If you do not have a DSLR, a “hybrid compact”, “advanced compact” or “bridge” camera, which often resembles a DSLR, but which does not have the ability to interchange lenses, is usually also sufficient, provided it contains the a manual exposure mode (M).

This lesson will be hosted with the maximum attendees of 30 people, to ensure you don’t miss you, book your seat today! e-mail – Paul Sutton or dial 078 640 6793


Attend this first lesson and get R200 off the next! Click here for more information on the full course!