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Steve Castings Foundation Course – Off Camera Flash

The day will offer a Foundation Course, aimed at the enthusiast looking at moving to Off Camera Flash. The course is designed to take out the science & wizardry that photographers so often shy away from.

I will be dividing the workshop into two groups of two and then broken down into working pairs. We will have two light stations where models will be placed and during the course of the day, models will alternate scenes and wardrobes.

The main objective here and this is critical that you take away a new skill set in your photography. I understand that we have very professional models and you may just want the opportunity in shooting with them, however , it is very important to my brand and to me as the course instructor, that you harness this new skill!

There will be absolutely no captures taken “off strobe“ unless they are BTS images! I will also be choosing two of your best images for me to edit as well as providing all “Photoshop“ users with a easy PS Action, so please bring with a FLASH STICK.

Sigma South Africa have given me Canon & Nikon mount Art lenses and you will all be shooting at one stage with this stunning glass as well as having the opportunity shooting with the new FujiFilm XT-2.

I will also be providing all strobes and modifiers so NO NEED TO BRING LIGHTS!

We will need to know:

If you shoot Canon or Nikon

You will need to bring:

Your camera and a note book.

Foundation Course

Course Program

Arrival Time: 08h30                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Attendees arrive where coffee and snacks will be served.
  • Course presenter introduction and gear check.
  • Group Briefing on shot list and flow rate discussions

 OCF and Removing the Wizardry behind it……..

  • Scene selections
  • Low light Soft Captures ( Octa )
  • DPS & Portrait
  • Incorporating Natural Highlights
  • Understanding HSS ( Hi Speed Sync )
  • Exposure Triangle relationship using OCF

 – Composition Techniques

  • Understanding Scene & Highlights
  • Ambient exposure
  • Photographer/Model Angles
  • Portrait vs Landscape

End Foundation Course R1500.00

Location:  Studio22

Duration  09h00-14h00




ACC NR : 071 648 216

BRANCH CODE : 031110

Reference : SC and your Name & Surname

R1500 per person

Please use above details to effect payment.

All attendees will get at least 1.5 hours of camera time which is a ton of time and you are expected to shoot at least 200 images in this time. Please note that this is about quality and not quantity!

As stated I will offer my time and edit two images per photographer as best to showcase your work.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you once again and look forward to a fun filled and educational day!

Please feel free to call me and discuss any additional information you require – 0828579482


Steve Castings