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    "Love this place, perfect for printing as it offers extremely professional services"


    "Simply the best printing shop. I print all my photos with them. I cannot recommend them enough."


    "The team at Studio22 always go above and beyond my expectations with delivery and service. Their products are top class and they are just a dream to work with. You will not regret working with this incredibly efficient and customer driven company. Thank you Estelle, Kurt and Team for your endless support."

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Professional digital photographic lab

📸📱 Embracing the Mobile Reality: Colour Consistency in a Diverse World 📱📸

Greetings esteemed photographers Let’s delve into an aspect of the craft that has become increasingly significant in this mobile-dominated world: the intricate challenge of ensuring colour consistency in images shared on mobile phones. 🌈 I performed a small test and shared an image with 4 of our team here at Studio22. I then took a snapshot of the 4 phones to share with you. Which one if correct? Likely None! There are simply too many factors at play. In a world where our work is often experienced on screens of varying sizes, brands, and models, here’s a truth we must acknowledge: Images shared on devices cannot be expected to look the way they print, and seldom even the same from one device to the next….

Empowering Artists to Thrive!

Turn your art into a thriving business with our comprehensive fulfilment service designed exclusively for artists like you. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, digital artist, or any other creative individual, we are here to support you every step of the way. What We Offer: Ready to Elevate Your Art Business? Contact us today! With our reliable printing, framing, and fulfilment services, you can focus on creating exceptional art while we handle the rest. Start selling your art with confidence, knowing that every order will be flawlessly produced, professionally framed, and promptly delivered to your customers. Unleash your artistic potential and let us be your trusted partner in success.

Over 3 Million FREE images

Over 3 Million FREE images UnSplash.Com is a photo sharing site, photographers and creators from around the globe submit high resolution images that anyone can use FREE of charge, with no copyright restriction whatsoever. The site offers a search function where you are bound to get lost in the sea of spectacular images and illustrations. I discovered the site in early 2017 and joined the community in sharing images I had captured while travelling in Europe, and later again. As a “retired” photographer, it gives me the opportunity to share some of my images, not just on a social platform for people to see, but on a platform that allows others to benefit in using them. Visit the Site www.unsplash.com, and see for yourself… You…

Photo Contest – 1 of 4 – Glass Printing

Photo Contest: To celebrate the ordering and arrival of our new UV printer, we are hosting this Photo Contest. Contest one is for an image you believe will be the ideal image to print on glass and will be run on Instagram. Here’s how to enter: Follow us on Instagram :@studio22_za Post your image you believe will be the best possible image to print on Glass. Include the hashtag #glass_printing22 and tag @studio22_za in the caption. Prize:  R1000 Studio22 print voucher per contest winner with a R2022 Grand Prize for the winner of all four contests. [youtube video_id=”pg4mqLuSSRs” width=”640″ height=”360″ ] Terms and Conditions: Contest closes on 15 June 2018 at 12h00 (this is just as the next one starts) and you can enter as…

Grand Opening Specials – Signal Crescent – March 2017

March is going to be an Epic month it is our Official Grand Opening. We celebrate our new store with a number of Grand special offers we know you will love as much as our new store. Did you know, 2017 is also the 21st birthday year of the original Studio22? Now open for pre-order of retail items. You will also find picture framing, photo book, printing and large format specials. The specials will run for the month of March or while stocks last. We look forward to seeing you in our new store! View our specials below…   [show_products per_page=”-1″ pagination=”no” category=”grand-opening” show=”all” orderby=”meta_value_num” order=”desc” layout=”default” ]

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