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The know-how on Picture Framing and Giveaways

Picture Framing

The development of digital cameras has transformed how the masses now take pictures. This development soon morphed into the smart phone camera, and since, taking images has never been easier.

To view them, instead of printing, most of us simply upload them to a digital frame and display them in its original format. Even better, digital frames can hold hundreds of pictures – rather than a single shot. We cannot argue the advantages that digital frames bring, however we cannot forget the importance of picture framing and how it is still as essential today as it was 20 years ago.

frameDigital formatting is not the only thing that has developed over time; so has the art of picture framing. There are many techniques – old and new – when framing and the choices can be overwhelming at times. So here are a few basic pointers you should consider when deciding on how to frame your picture.

Picture framing will not only perverse your valued piece of art but also compliments the display. For that reason:

  • Frames should not be selected specifically to match the décor.
  • Also invest in materials. Insist on high-quality matting and glazing (glass). The added expense is worth it when you consider the added protection and preservation.
  • Consult a professional that has years of experience and knowledge in the industry. There are many variables to think through therefore it is wise to consider their advice. It will make a huge difference in the display of your work. Also bear in mind sharing vital information such as the measurements and décor of the space and location where the image will be exhibited with your professional framer. It is imperative that they have the correct data to provide you with expert advice on the framing job.

Colin Sunkel Framing offers a professional picture framing service that adheres to the highest standards, as well as helpful advice to anyone who wants to show their images or artwork to its best advantage. As a division of Studio22, we tie in seamlessly with the vast range of professional printing services, all under one roof.

We consist of a highly skilled and experienced workforce. We believe you are only as good as your materials and suppliers. Our use of approved suppliers, means that you can trust that our framing is manufactured with the best materials and to the highest standards.


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