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    "Best quality photo prints I've seen in YEARS! Beautiful matte photo paper, absolutely stunning colours. Took a chance and ordered online, no adjustments to my images, no idea what to expect… What a surprise and absolute pleasure to receive my small, well packaged order, so promptly. Best price, professional quality, super helpful when I called for help with payment too. I can wholeheartedly recommend Studio 22 … 122%."


    "Love this place, perfect for printing as it offers extremely professional services"


    "Simply the best printing shop. I print all my photos with them. I cannot recommend them enough."


    "The team at Studio22 always go above and beyond my expectations with delivery and service. Their products are top class and they are just a dream to work with. You will not regret working with this incredibly efficient and customer driven company. Thank you Estelle, Kurt and Team for your endless support."

  • oak float frame solid oak float frame Printing services by Studio22. Wide range of photo products and photo print products, including Canvas, Framing and Fine Art Printing. Offering fulfilment and print-on-demand across South Africa for artists and Photographers.
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Triptych Trio – Wall Art Promotion

Wall Art Promotion: We LOVE Triptychs and what better way to share the love than with a selection of three sizes and a FREE Stock image of your choice (but you are most welcome to submit your own image if you prefer!) The DEAL: Just a few minutes on Pinterest and you will see a remarkable variety of combinations that are possible with a “triptych”, for this promotion, we are offering a choice of three sizes. Each option consists of three equal size panels of professional canvas wrapped on a 45mm stretcher, created from one image. We custom make each canvas, cover with a protective coating and hand stretch over a genuine wooden stretcher frame. Including a FREE stock image,  from a vintage map to…

Speciality papers for everyone.

Speciality papers for everyone. Now, more than ever, the significance of a printed image adds more value. As the masses and masses of digital images increase, the value attached to them drops. This is great news for printed images. The perceived value of a print is far higher than ever before. When an image is printed, it signifies it is far more important than the millions of digital images on handheld devices. These digital images are viewed for a matter of seconds, on a device which has become the No.1 advertising medium to the masses.  The very device that adds to the growing “image pollution” we are exposed to day-in and day-out. A static image, especially one that has been throughly selected and carefully printed,…

Today it’s called IPS

Studio22. Photo Products. Online Printing. folio box. 7x10" Sue Bryce reveal wall

We called it ‘photography’ In an era before digital, shooting on negatives had a positive side, we knew what customers wanted. When customers booked their shoots, they told us what they wanted. Customers did not want negatives, they wanted prints, they wanted giant framed canvases on their walls. Shoot and Burn We sold them what they really wanted. It was easy back then, that was simply how it was done. The digital era stole that process from many photographers. Some togs felt that they could make fast money selling digital files, boom, bang, cash in hand. It was all ’shoot and burn’, no time was wasted sitting chatting to people about which images to print, what was the point, these photographers thought clients just want…

Grand Opening Specials – Signal Crescent – March 2017

March is going to be an Epic month it is our Official Grand Opening. We celebrate our new store with a number of Grand special offers we know you will love as much as our new store. Did you know, 2017 is also the 21st birthday year of the original Studio22? Now open for pre-order of retail items. You will also find picture framing, photo book, printing and large format specials. The specials will run for the month of March or while stocks last. We look forward to seeing you in our new store! View our specials below…   [show_products per_page=”-1″ pagination=”no” category=”grand-opening” show=”all” orderby=”meta_value_num” order=”desc” layout=”default” ]

Canvas Print : The Original

Canvas Print – stretched on a 20mm or 40mm stretcher frame The good old days: Available from Studio22 for over 20 years, the canvas has been through a few changes. The early canvas was created from a genuine photographic print (the good old chemical process). The thin top layer of the photograph was removed with great skill and placed over a sheet of canvas. This went through a bonding process and once dry, the print was coated and stretched or framed. [youtube video_id=”BzbPV_yBBsQ” width=”560″ height=”300″ ] Canvas of the future: Today, the print is produced on a high-end ink printer using archival photo inks to produce the photographic quality print directly on canvas material which has been specially designed to abort and retain the photo…

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